Langley Residential Support Services
Langley Residential Support Services
How We Make a Difference

How We Make a Difference

Our programs and services help adults with developmental disabilities realize their dreams to have lives that are like those of everyone else. They dream of:

Living on their own

As they move past childhood and adolescence, many people with developmental disabilities want to leave the family home just like they’ve seen their brothers or sisters do. They want to be as independent as they possibly can and to have a place that they can call their own.  

“I think my dad is proud of what I’ve accomplished. I proved to him and everybody else that I can do the things that I need to do to live on my own…”
… A man Langley serves

With support from our counselors, the people we work with are able to live in a place of their own choosing—whether it is a Langley residence, their own home or their family’s home. They take great pride in being able to maintain a clean home, cook meals, do laundry, grocery shop and do all the other chores of daily life that many of us perform without much thought.

Having meaningful relationships

They want to feel included. In the evenings or on the weekend, they look forward to seeing their friends or meeting new people when our counselors take them to basketball, bowling, book club, church and other activities available in their community. 

“I’m able to go places and meet different people, play sports, and enjoy Special Olympics basketball and bowling…”
…A woman Langley serves

Going to places they enjoy, doing things that interest them, and seeing people who value them is vital to their emotional well-being. It makes them feel that they are part of and contribute to the fabric of their community.

Having a job and making a contribution

Many of the people in our program have jobs. Being employed enables them to feel productive and valued. They take pride in the fact that they go to work and earn a paycheck just like their parents, siblings and friends. 

“I work as a custodian.” “I have a job. I help with the mail.”  “I work at Walmart.” …Said with immense pride by people Langley serves

However, in order to experience success in the workplace, a person must first be proficient in certain life skills that make him/her employable. Included among these skills are: managing daily routines to ensure proper rest, nutrition and punctuality, plus navigating the transportation system (bus, van, etc.) to and from work. This is where our counselors have the greatest impact—teaching and reinforcing these life skills so that people can reach their potential.